Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mala Beads and a Rough Practice

Last Christmas I purchased a set of mala beads from Tiny Devotions and have been looking at their crop of new malas coming out. They're so beautiful but at $108 I just can't pay for a new necklace or wrist stack. I do want a wrist stack though. The next thing I get may be either an Amazonite mala or the sacred stack... we'll see.

I need to cleanse my mala but it was quite cloudy out today. Dang those clouds. Also, those clouds almost put a damper on my practice. Actually, my mood today put the damper on that. Yesterday and today have been....hectic to say the least. Break down yesterday (I think the backbends I did got to me) and then today, my proctor for my exit exams told me she can't be my proctor. I... was... PISSED! I'll figure something out, just wish I knew this earlier. If you're busy, say you're busy and don't feed me bull crap.

After my emotions played across my body and got the best of me, I decided it was time to find out what to do. Money is running real tight lately with me not working (although I'm trying), so my emotions are running ramped. My practice, at least, helps to ground me and bring me back to reality.

I'm trying to at least make it through the Half-Primary section of the practice each day. Today it was a bit hard to concentrate. It was humid outside, the mosquitos were ridiculous, and my mind was not willing to focus. I think I broke a sweat more from trying to focus my attention inward rather than actually performing the practice itself.
I only went through three Surya Namaskara A & B since it was so warm. I actually made it all the way through to Navasana and the closing three poses. Savasana (Corpse Pose) was quite nice, though, at least until I was eaten by mosquitos. There needs to be a killer of mosquitos that is readily accessible.

Oh, I neglected to mention I got up way later than I wanted to, but I'm going to try and get up early again tomorrow.

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