Monday, August 27, 2012

One of Those Days

I woke up in a fantastic mood... but what happened? It went from "yay its a good day" to "I feel like poop and being lazy" all in a matter of three hours. I've been trying to get myself on my mat ALLL day. Almost literally. I look at my mat and then at a book, back to my mat, book, mat, book, maybe some TV, and back to the mat. But not only is my desire to get on it not there, I also have no desire to do any forward bending. That pretty much kills the whole Ashtanga practice in one fell swoop. I mean I want to practice because I know I'll feel better after I do even 5 sun salutations or maybe more, but I still haven't made it to my mat.

The most productive thing I've done today is make a pot of chili. Yep that's about it. Well and went shopping. Maybe that's where my slump attitude came from?

Tomorrow marks the beginning of  31 weeks being pregnant. I'm beginning to feel it now. Can't believe it took me 31 weeks to start getting all the frumpy/grumpy feelings. Of course, it could have something to do with getting kicked all the time, or having a rolling ball of flesh in your stomach attempting to get comfortable while making me UNcomfortable. I swear, he wiggles so much that I'm not sure his cord isn't around his neck. Not to mention the fact that he decided a while back that he wasn't going to move up out of my pelvic region, and therefore, I can feel him press on my groins if I'm sitting forward in a cross-legged position. And yes, I do mean that if I sit forward (or lean forward) I can feel it when he decides to stretch on not just one of my inner thighs but BOTH of them at the same time.

Ok, enough baby talk though. I need motivation to get on my mat. How does one stay motivated to maintain a 6-day a week practice? (Granted Friday is a moon day)

This conundrum is baffling me.

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