Sunday, August 19, 2012

Woke Up To Practice And....

I woke up this morning with the intent to delve deeper into my practice but was soon distracted and told otherwise by a four legged creature. He snuck up on me.
Hey I want to help!

This little ball of fluff decided that he was more important than me concentrating on my practice.

What are those shiny things?

Sure it was easy in the beginning to ignore him as he wound around my legs. Mostly, it was doable because he moved out of my way when I moved to switch into Chaturanga Dandasana or Down Dog. But this changed when he realized that I was, indeed, NOT paying him any attention. He began pestering me. By pestering me I mean climbing my legs and hopping onto my back. 

Who is that cat? Can he play?

I was attempting to practice the Fundamentals when ^ I took this. He hopped off my back and decided he wanted to play with my phone (which I was using to try to capture a photo of him on my back). Obviously, picture on back was avoided by him. Clever kitty.

Nope, not on the belly!

Beginning with the seated postures, he decided I didn't need to fold down onto my belly and put himself in the way. Tail wrapping around my face and neck. I must say that trying to concentrate on breathing, folding, toe grabbing, and cat tail up my noes.... that was a task. I guess it is good practice in attempting to block outside distractions.

I love attention!

I gave up on concentrating 100% and pet him so that he would at least move out of my way a little bit. After I pet him he started attacking my mala (refer to picture addressing "shiny things" which at the time were my rings). He attempted to split open my rudraksha beads with his teeth. Very annoying since my necklace cost me a few pennies.

Nevertheless, I was able to finish the practice out with a nice finishing sequence of modified poses and a short savasana. (I'm not good at staying in savasana too long. I get antsy.) I need to practice it more but laying on my side feels awkward and then my arm falls asleep. I've tried many arm positions but can't get comfortable. Maybe it's in my mind, maybe it's not but I shall keep trying to find a position. That is until I can lay on my back again.


  1. so cute. sometimes it's better to pay attention to what needs it most.

    1. That is true. It did make me smile this morning.